Holiday. Accommodation. Marlborough.

Whatever your dream for a Holiday, Home or Camping…

Come and enjoy the awesome picturesque beauty of the romantic.. and the amazing Marlborough Sounds.

Need a holiday.. or to take a break?

  • Recreation, fun, activities?
  • Bring your Kayak
  • Bring your boat
  • Fishing, kayaking, boating in the outer Marlborough Sounds

or Rest, Relax, Recharge?

  • Blob out
  • Swing in a hammock
  • Read a book
  • Take a stroll

So many options
Holiday-Accommodation-Camping-Cabin-Farmstay-Camper-Freedom-Glamping-Backpack-Self Catering.


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Ready For You

What we provide for your convenience and enjoyment…

1) An awesome totally Off Grid experience. (there is mobile voice and data signal and access to most providers for your phone)
2) The opportunity to partake in and learn a few Off Grid management and survival skills and resources.
3) Log fire, wood stove and gas cooking facilities.
4) Tea, Coffee and unlimited pure clean drinking water fresh from Cairnhill Springs.
4) Hot and cold washing facilities.
5) Lounging, dining, relaxation and recreation areas.
6) Shower and facilities.
7) Washing up space and general facilities for your convenience and use.
8) Cooking and eating facilities and utensils.

Self catering. Off Grid. A nature paced relaxing experience.
With plenty of time and space, and as much guidance and assistance from your hosts as you would like.
BYO food and special drinks and we provide all facilities and utensils.

NOTE: We have limited spare fridge/freezer space available. We can supply ice packs for chilly bins. There is plenty of safe type cool storage. Being off grid and remote, we supply shop once a month so providing extra fridge/freezer storage can be a challenge, but always manageable with planning.



Created for you and…
Just what Mature Holidays are made of

It is a remote rural lifestyle farm
We want to provide well for your privacy, comfort and relaxation.
Your health, safety and well being are very important to us.
It is therefore unsuitable for children under 15yrs (unless by special prearrangement).
Our aim to provide a peaceful, mature, rejuvenating experience in an amazing natural environment.
At the throb and pace of nature and the sound of bird song, to a back drop of stunning panoramic views.
Once your booking is confirmed… you are on your way to a unique and most peaceful picturesque Marlborough Sounds experience.
Along with maybe some mind blowing starry nights, amazing sun scapes or glow worms nearby.
Sometimes you may observe and watch some playful dolphins or orcas nearby in the bay.


To Prepare …

What you need to bring…
Your favourite food for the time you intend to stay.
Your favourite drinks.
Personal needs and sun screens etc to enjoy your times outdoors.
Good footwear for on the farm hiking and wandering about. (eg: Jandals are not suitable farm footwear)
Your leisure time favourites, sun protection, swimming gear, diving and fishing gear, or any other laze about stuff you enjoy.

This Marlborough Sounds location is remote and breathtaking…
If your think you may need something… pretend you are going to Paradise Island… and bring it with you.

There is good road access. It is a slow road, but a safe road. Take your time and enjoy the stunning scenic drive and photo opportunities.

Via Rai Valley Village-French Pass Junction.

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Choose Your Options

Recreational Activities

The walkways, the beach front and rocks to explore by day
Or see the glow worms at night.
Then gaze at the awesome amazing, clear air night sky vista.
It is our paradise and we want to share it with you.

We have beach front access and hiking trails and challenges that can be engaged in.

You can swim, dive, snorkel, or go the rocks.

Or launch your boat. (Near by Boat launching ramps)

Or enjoy and partake in some of the daily farm activities.

or Relaxation. Breakaway

Just sit back, blob out, read a book..

Swing in a hammock

Or snooze.

Some of the many ways  of enjoying and fulfilling  your time at CAIRNHILL

You can CONTACT US HERE We are just one click away


Time To Communicate

We would love to hear from you

We do our best to make your booking spot available to you on the dates you choose but may need to offer alternatives.

There is a wide range of options depending on your desired requirements and the number of nights and people.
We do not have a standard commercial type price list or charging system. We have a very different approach by offering a donation type opportunity.

Many care givers, parents or families cannot afford a commercial charge type holiday or time out but, they can experience CAIRNHILL FARM. Ideal for any private and quite getaway in an awesome Marlborough Sounds location. A donation can be $$  and/or by getting involved with a little help with some of the daily projects or operations.

A minimum preferred booking time is for two nights for 1 or 2 persons. A minimum of 3 nights is best. A week or so is awesome.

We are blessed with a unique piece of paradise we would like to share with others in a non-commercial and environmentally sustainable way with all who come. No Pre-fixed fees to make this facility affordable and as widely available as we are able to via your donations.

Various options for…
Holiday Accommodation. Camping Spots. Freedom. Parking. Glamping. Back Packing. Breakaway. FarmStay.
(Suggest a package of your own)
Options are Self Catering.

All previous stayers are welcome back anytime for a picnic spot or day time only visit. Notify us of your intentions to visit if possible.

We do not advertise commercially… so YES PLEASE…. tell your friends and family. And send them a link to this page.

PS: Bookings can change by the day… For reasons of privacy and peaceful enjoyment limited spaces are available.