CAIRNHILL FARM. Marlborough Sounds

Cairnhill Began When...

in 2002 on a wekend drive Clarrie and Syth HOYLE spotted a small neglected lot of land in a remote but picturesque location. It was in the outer Marlborough Sounds of New Zealand. 

The Views Were Breathtaking !

We had stopped for photos and spotting a stake in the ground amongst long rank grass, wildling pines, gorse and fern it had a sign hanging on it “FOR SALE” and a phone number. We looked at each other and quiped "we could live here" Taking a note of the number a message was left on a person's answer phone. Her name was Beryl. She returned the call a little later on and made contact with the information we requested.  Then just a few days latter the phone rang again and our offer to buy was accepted.
With questions racing through our minds and thinking “why and what have we done” having scarcely finished building a new home for our future in Nelson. What now? Life can sometimes, when you think you are on the home straight, turn another corner.

Come the weekend thinking at least to take a look at our new acquisition and drive past it we set off in search of the little plot with a stake in the ground, and hoping we could even find it? It seemed a long drive. The last hour was on a very windy unsealed gravel road and parts of it very rough and a little boggy. But there it was, no for sale sign anymore but recognised it by the stick in the ground and the surrounding forsaken piece of land. Not even a fence along the roadside. It was steep. So with no access and cautiously climbing down the bank. WELL... This was IT!


And A Transformation Began

Volunteers and exchange helpers have been an amazing piece of the fabric of transforming what we later named  “CAIRNHILL” into a peaceful relaxing paradise in one of the most awesome and  beautiful parts of New Zealand.  Every year through from all around the globe volunteers arrive and are welcomed to a cultural and social exchange of people of all ages and backgrounds. The abilities and expertise of each individual is appreciated  to further the many projects that are always progressive. 
People with trade skills are always welcome to assist in developing CAIRNHILL into a place of regeneration, rejuvenation and peaceful reflection on what is important to each individual. While preference for students is for one volunteer at a time  to learn from cultural exchange and the KIWI way of life sometimes couples or 2 students are accepted. While staying here you will come face to face with  a  simple “no frills” lifestyle and the enjoyment of natural resourcefulness. Please enquire and also bookmark our website  to make contact anytime. It you are keen to learn, diligent and willing to help, if you have some expertise to offer, we would love to welcome you here if a vacancy is available. Bookings are essential.


One Thing ... Twice?

One thing you won't spend here is money. Cairnhill is remote. The one thing you will spend is time. Be assured it will be time well spent. Amazing panoramic daytime scenery in an awesome paradise. From dawn and the birth of a new day to evening being constantly reminded of the value and awesome breadth and detail of life in every single day.  At night it is transformed and the heavens frequently light up as a spectacular and vast array through a crystal clear atmosphere. A brilliant theatre of stars and a twinkling display that light up the night sky. The infinitude of the milky way and the anchor and security of the Southern Cross seem timeless. Refreshing ... and reminding ... and demonstrating  the awesomeness of the creator affirming  “The Heavens Declare The Glory Of God”  A galactic eternity of immeasurable time and space. An arena of the depth and breadth and height of the infinite. It is a stunning presentation of creative excellence.


New Life. Endless Song

Along with the ongoing program and planting of 1000's of trees, the re-establishment and regeneration of habitat there is the return of the music of chirping and tweeting of bird life and song. The call of the Bellbirds. The dancing of the Fantails. The swoosh and cooing of the Wood Pigeons. The tune of the Tui. The swooping of the Swallows. The scurry, the screetch and the honking of the Wekas. The Sparrows and Finches that share some toast or crumbs at the feeding platform. The song of the Thrush. It is a orchestra of life and song that co-exists, bursting with energy and demonstrates the infinite detail of design, of colour and the story of life, of nature and creation.


Then At Peace

In contrast to the cities of artificial light and a generated jungle of noise and compelling action of entertainment, a peace and quiet encompasses the PARADISE OF CAIRNHILL.   A silence that is occasionally broken by the honking and screetch of the Weka’s as they call to each other and the call of the Morkporks searching for food. The occasional call of an animal to its young. Sounds that will continue through the night amidst the night time rustlings of other nocturnal life and falling leaves.

A mix of restfulness and peace ...

and energy ...

and movement ...

of a nocturnal and natural environment that continues until another ….

new day is born.




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"I stayed a wonderful week on Syth's and Clarrie's wonderful farm and I really enjoyed it. Being dependent on the sun for power was quite a new experience for me (Syth, would it be possible to do washing on Monday? - For sure, if the sun is shining!) and I'm thankful for those new experiences. Even though the work was quite hard (I built a track in a steap hill) it was good fun. Stunning views everywhere!!! Thank you so much for hosting me! All the best for you!!"
Johannes, Germany


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