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"Dear Syth and Clarrie,

staying with you is like being in a different world. You realize what is really important in life and appreciate what you have even more. I admire the little paradise that you have built up for you and so many lucky travelers being able to share it with you. You are amazingly kind and welcoming so I felt home right away. You have become family for me (yes even in such a short time :D) Please let's always stay in touch (and cook some curry together some day :)


Nora Wiehler, Neuseeland

"Kia Ora Clarrie & Syth

Thank you for having me at this wonderful little Paradise.
As my first Workaway stint, Clarrie has made me feel so welcomed, gently guiding and showing me the ropes, always with a smile. This experience is enriching and certainly amazing!
A lovely host and always ready to impart his knowledge of the work at the farm, animal care, nature and also life, in general.
He has a great sense of humour and I thoroughly enjoyed our repartee at meal times. Cooking for him has been a great pleasure, me being a novice cook. It was a shame that his wife, Syth was away as I would love to meet her. Judging from Clarrie s description of her I can tell they are a very loving couple. Clarrie is working on extensions to his house to surprise his wife upon her return. Agile and adept, there is nothing that he can t build with his hands, even cutting glass the old fashioned way does not faze him. Climbing up and down the ladder dismantling walls, painting, roofing. It was an eye-opener what he does with recycled materials and pieces salvaged was put into new life by his creativity.
This is a place where man lives in harmony with nature, back to basics using solar power for energy and own spring water for sustenance. If you need light at night you just don t flick a switch- you light a fire and using that same fire you can make toast, boil water and cook at the same time!
In the day we rely on solar power for everything else, run the fridge, washing machine, charge our phones.
The fire on the oven can be heated up to get hot water for a shower.
Believe me it is not easy to get a fire started but with the right technique as shown by Clarrie it is a breeze.
The faithful dog, Trixie, orphan lamb, Jinx has been my daily dose of fun, feeding and playing with them was the best pleasure I had and also the other animals Ivan and Mavis the sheeps and the chooks.
I now live by the quote less is more, because it doesn t take much to be happy.
By living simply but consciously life is more meaningful.
Thank you- Clarrie & Syth!"

Mary, Singapore

""Great - intense - educational"
This was our first wwwoofing-experience and it was just amazing! We learned every day something new and new and after a week we are now able to use a chainsaw - to fence - to call for the cattles - to plant trees - to do gardening and so on. It was a very intense and exciting experience for us. Most important of all: The food was delicious! Clarrie and Syth also introduced us to the neighbours and took us to the community meeting which was very interesting as well. So I can really recommend them"

Céline and Loris, France

""Amazing Experience! "
I had an amazing experience staying and working at Cairnhill Farm! The farm is set in a remote and beautiful location with stunning views! My jobs were mainly feeding the animals and tree planting which I really enjoyed. The animals are so adorable! I was made to feel very welcome and enjoyed many great conversations with Clarrie in the evening (Syth was away). Enjoyed healthy and tasty food, lovely walks, a warm cosy fire and star gazing. Thanks again for having me!"

Anna, U.K.

"I have been there for a week last March. It was amazing. Syth was abroad so I was only with Clarrie at the farm (and with Duke and all the animals for sure!) I had a great time! Clarrie was the best host you can have on a woofing. I'm still impress how Clarrie can be that healthy and fit! I really enjoyed the breakfeast (marmite and peanut butter, miam) with the beautiful view in front of us each morning. I loved to sleep in the caravan as well, that reminds me of the movie: Into the wild. Working at the farm was fun and new for me and I liked it! Thank you very much Clarrie, I learned a lot during this week and I won't forget this experience at your farm. Thank you to your neighbourg as well, he was lovely and I enjoyed to visit him. I wish you the best in your peaceful farm!"
Blandine, International

"Hey Clarrie and Syth,
We stayed at your place a few months ago and we leave the country now so it is time for us to say Thank you.
We felt very homey at your place. The food and the talks with you were very good. We also learned a few new skills , for example working with a chainsaw.We could recommend everybody to visit this place and get an impression of the simple, but enyoable life.
Best wishes,
Ben and Hendrik"

Ben and Hendrik, Germany

"Great people, great place. Different lifestyle, different tasks to do. Many experiences! I'm pleased to met such a great place like this little farm! Good luck for you Syth and Clarrie!"
Max, Germany

"This is our first wwoofing experience, and we had such a wonderful time working and living at Cairnhill Farm! The place is paradise and truly so beautiful. Work can be quite tough, but we learnt a lot from Syth and Clarrie and were rewarded with beautiful views and delicious tea time cakes / meals. We've learnt so much during our time here and the work is different each day so that we were never bored. Would highly recommend!! :)"
Izza and Michael, Singapore

"I had a great time in this farm. Clarrie and Syth are very nice hosts. I learnt lot of things from Clarrie. The farm is in a beautiful place and offers wonderful views on the Marlborough sounds. It was an enriching experience and I recommend to go here!!"
Eliot, France

"Hi Thank you so much for having me to stay at your lovely place. I still can remember what your place looks like without looking back at the photos on my phone. Plus, both of you are so good and nice! Without you, I don't think I would have experienced trimming and loading woods. Besides,Syth really knows how to make delicious food. Everyday I was nourished with enough nutrition. And I felt motivated whenever
Clarrie gave me some positive comments. You guys really made my stay worthwhile! "

Shu Zhen, Malaysia

"I stayed a wonderful week on Syth's and Clarrie's wonderful farm and I really enjoyed it. Being dependent on the sun for power was quite a new experience for me (Syth, would it be possible to do washing on Monday? - For sure, if the sun is shining!) and I'm thankful for those new experiences. Even though the work was quite hard (I built a track in a steap hill) it was good fun. Stunning views everywhere!!! Thank you so much for hosting me! All the best for you!!"
Johannes, Germany

"I stayed with Syth and Clarrie in the beginning of december for a week. (better than ever for the feedback...)
I've learned many things in such a short time.
Amazing views everywhere you walk around.
They are always smiley and nice. And you will be well feed with delicious meal that Syth cooking.
Thanks for everything. Hopefully I'll see you again sometimes."

Solene, Germany


"I had a great time in this farm. Clarrie and Syth are very nice hosts. I learnt lot of things from Clarrie. The farm is in a beautiful place and offers wonderful views on the Marlborough sounds. It was an enriching experience and I recommend to go here!!"
Eliot, France


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