CAIRNHILL FARM. Marlborough Sounds

Photo Gallery

All Around Cairnhill (28)
 Life as it happens out and about at Cairnhill
Birds, Bugs, Insects. (4)
 Even the birds, the bugs and insects like CAIRNHILL
Enjoying life at the Bay (30)
 Family and friends enjoy their time at the Bay
Highland Cattle (9)
 Scottish Highland Cattle.
Llama photos (25)
 Llamas we have had at the Bay
Off Grid and Home Grown (3)
 Solar Wind and Home Grown. Love what nature provides.
Our Animals (57)
 Mixture of past and present animals at Cairnhill.
Scottish Highland Cattle (19)
 Scottish Highlanders
Stunning Beauty Natures colour (8)
 The stunning form and beauty of creations master designs.
Volunteers at Cairnhill. (52)
 Volunteers having fun and a helping hand Cairnhill Farm


""Great - intense - educational" This was our first wwwoofing-experience and it was just amazing! We learned every day something new and new and after a week we are now able to use a chainsaw - to fence - to call for the cattles - to plant trees - to do gardening and so on. It was a very intense and exciting experience for us. Most important of all: The food was delicious! Clarrie and Syth also introduced us to the neighbours and took us to the community meeting which was very interesting as wel"
Céline and Loris, France


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